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2024 Perfecting Your Pitch Coming Soon! 

Back by popular demand! Albuquerque Film & Media Experience and Albuquerque Film & Media Incubator present the Center Stage Conversation, Perfecting Your Pitch Panel, where five semi-finalists will practice pitching their stories to Hollywood executives and producers, and receive feedback on the pitch. NM Filmmakers are highly encouraged to participate in this opportunity! Stay Tuned For More!

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Part of AFMX's mission is to empower filmmakers, musicians, and creatives of all ages to further their education through collaboration platforms and sharing of impactful stories.  In line with our vision, learn more how AFMX empowers students with this Education Deck.  We encourage educators to contact us to see how we can include your students in our events. 

AFMX aspires to create educational opportunities to provide as much support to future generations of New Mexico filmmakers, musicians, and visionaries who may not have the resources or opportunities to pursue their artistic passions. 

AFMX is especially focused on helping young people explore the film and music industries by participating in the various aspects of film and music production and provide educational opportunities for those who may wish to pursue careers in film, music and related industries. 

Students are invited to volunteer at AFMX, attend educational panels, workshops, and Center Stage Conversations with talent for free, and take advantage of free passes to the overall festival through our "Sponsor a Student at AFMX" program.

We are proud to partner with the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College to bring industry professionals and programs on campus and into classrooms where students can engage with and be inspired by filmmakers, musicians and industry leaders with the following opportunities: 

  • film productions and commercials

  • internships, mentorships and volunteer opportunities

  • free access to panels, workshops and events

  • gift passes to our annual spotlight event

  • personal introductions to talent and industry insiders

  • student film opportunities 

  • pitch panels

And a growing list of additional events yet to come!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the most engaging way for our students to attend our festival is through our student passes allocated to students and schools of our sponsors choice which allows middle school, high school, and college students studying film, music, and the arts, and arts organizations to attend our annual festival. 

We invite you to donate to our organization to make a positive economic and social impact through film, music, and the arts in the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico. Your financial contributions allow AFME Foundation to make a difference in the community and for high school and college students through year-round programs.

Supporting our non-profit means that you share the same values in providing life changing educational/networking opportunities to future generations and students of film, music, and the arts.

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