On behalf of the AFME Foundation Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, thank you for BEING PART OF THE EXPERIENCE!


We are excited about our upcoming program where filmmakers, musicians, and artists of all types come together from around the world to share stories, on-screen and off, throughout an incredible week. Whether you are a diehard movie buff, a fan of music, a poet, painter, photographer, or dancer, you are at the center of AFMX’s focus in bringing audiences together and touching the human spirit.


I am very proud of AFMX’s evolution over the years. From An Evening with Robert Redford, Jeff Bridges, and T Bone Burnett to the Buddy Rich Alumni, Prince, and Nathan East Tribute Concerts, we look forward to our collective growth, exciting programming, and opportunities to make new friends and flourish into the future. 2020 AND 2021 presented a global challenge as we made our way through the pandemic. With the support of a global community, we were able to survive and continue our programs.


I encourage everyone to review our website and immerse themselves in the cool Center Stage Conversations, master classes, special events, and movies that we are so proud to present.  Step outside of your comfort zone, try something new and different that piques your curiosity and don’t be shy when it comes to introducing yourself to fellow attendees.  We love seeing you create your own experience at AFMX.


Finally, as you enjoy AFMX, please take the time to thank our staff, volunteers, and sponsors for their dedication and hard work during our year-round planning process.  This truly is a community effort.

Ivan Wiener

Executive Director