On March 26, the Seattle Film Summit launched the first episode of Filling the Void on Facebook Live and came out of the gates as a voice and virtual green room for ALL storytellers. “AFMX planned to showcase the same type of online program but stands by its philosophy that collaboration with fellow creatives is better than reinventing the wheel,” said Ivan Wiener, AFMX Executive Director.


The two organizations, producers of significant events in Seattle and Albuquerque respectively, will bring resources and contacts together to make Filling the Void impactful and entertaining.


“Everyone in film and entertainment has been trying to fill a void since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ben Andrews, Founder of the Seattle Film Summit. "This partnership, this online forum, is our way of rebuilding a foundation for creatives. The truth is the world has changed forever, and it's the creative culture that will help us move forward."


Through Filling the Void, viewers have access to industry insiders and professionals – influencers, actors, producers, directors, writers, musicians and funding sources – who provide the most up-to-date information on what’s going on in their chosen fields.


SFS and AFMX invite everyone to subscribe and be part of this entertaining and informative platform. Filling the Void is live every Thursday at noon Pacific/1 p.m. Mountain Time at www.YouTube.com/FillingTheVoid. Previous episodes may be viewed at the same YouTube channel.

Topic, question, trailer, film clip to share? Email us: fillingthevoidsubmissions@gmail.com

Looking for resources during these challenging days? Get the most up-do-date information on our AFMX Resource Page.